A simple Google search on “Pensando Systems“, a networking startup founded by ex-Cisco executives Mario Mazzola, Prem Jain, Luca Cafiero and Soni Jiandani, collectively known as MPLS, shows the recent articles on hiring Randy Pond, former EVP of operations at Cisco, as the CFO of Pensdando Systems.

The search also revealed additional information on the jobs being offered at Pensando Systems.  Initial analysis reveals that Pensando is primarily on the lookout for Software Engineers, as opposed to Hardware Engineers.

A H1B information website h1data.info shows the networking startup has hired 24 H1B engineers in the last 18 months with salary ranging from $125,000 to $180,000.  More than half of those hired were paid $160,000 and above annually.

Out of the 24 candidates hired, only one of them was an ASIC Engineer whose salary was $150,000.  Remaining 23 hires were Software Engineer hires.

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The search also pulled a Linkedin job description posted by the company for hiring these software engineers. But it didn’t reveal much information about the exact nature of the job and day-to-day roles involved.  It was a traditional namesake job posting, with just generic technology terms, that is usually posted by companies that hire H1B workers.  The company logo was also missing in the post.

“Members of Technical Staff (Software Engineers), San Jose, CA. Write programs/design software Req Master+3yr exp/ Bach+5 Resume: HR, Pensando Systems, Inc. 1730 Technology Drive Ste 202 San Jose CA 95110”

Also, the company has registered,  the word Pensando  as a trademark at the USPTO.

Snippet from the trademark application:

“integrated circuits; computer software used for programmable services, namely, networking, security, load-balancing, telemetry/analytics, and storage across computer networks”

From the information available in the trademark application and the H1B database, we believe that the startup must be focussing on building some networking software for the storage networking.